Gary has over 40 years of experience in helping people grow and develop a healthy life-style. He is a Certified Physician Assistant, retired USAF Lt Col, Certified Health Coach, Military-Trained Group Facilitator, Pastoral Coach, and Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, He has a doctorate in Ministry from Trinity Seminary and Bible College as well as a Masters degree from Vanderbilt University in Counseling. Gary has a Masters degree in Emergency Medicine from Nebraska Medical Center (as a Physician Assistant) as well as post-graduate education in ENT/Head and Neck Surgery, allergic disorders, and integrative health.


His ultimate focus is for you to discover your best and greatest life. He does this by providing you with clarity as you discover transformative health, wholeness, and fulfillment. 

My Personal Mission is to...
  • LIVE a life of joy, enthusiasm, and lifelong learning while embracing my God-given gifts and calling.

  • SPEAK love, life, and encouragement into the lives of all I come into contact.

  • AFFIRM that health is not merely the absence of disease but is defined as wholeness and integrity of body, soul, and spirit.

Gary R. Uremovich

Doctor of Ministry, Trinity College and Seminary

Certified Physician Assistant, 40+ years in clinical practice

MS in Counseling, Vanderbilt University

MPAS, Emergency Medicine, University of Nebraska

Lt Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Certified Health Coach, National Society of Health Coaches

Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, IW Coaching Association

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Guide

Wedding Officiant, since 2008

Trained Group Facilitator (USAF)


"3 yrs ago I was diagnosed with non- Hodgkins lymphoma stage 4.  I was overwhelmed and contacted Gary through his FB coaching page.  He was a great help with good sound medical advice. He was able to steer me in the right direction with life-style guidance and a very supportive attitude. He is a man of faith and a trusted friend. Through the Lord's intervention and Gary's help I am now cancer free! I would highly recommend Gary if you need help in any way."

Clarice E., Leicester, United Kingdom



"I can't begin to express how much I appreciate Gary. I've lost over 20 pounds in just 2 months. I've been using CBD oil and following his coaching in mindful eating, intermittent fasting, and developing techniques to actually enjoy my food. I saw my doctor several days ago. He says my blood sugar is now normal. I'm no longer a pre-diabetic. He was impressed with Gary's program. He now wants to refer some of his patients to Gary to help them! This has changed my life! Thank you!" 

Lisa, Michigan

The Mindful Circle of Life

We have the tendency to run through our lives with an imbalance that is quite unhealthy. When you reflect on each of the five main areas in your life you can discover what those imbalances are and how they can effect your entire life. Imagine this is a wheel allowing you to move forward. If one area is out of alignment it effects the movement of the whole.

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I have researched the scientific literature and know that my clients need easy access to quality CBD products. I see how this natural product can change people’s lives and decrease the impact of debilitating disease, help prevent cancer and help with its treatment, decrease dementia and seizures, control addictive disorders and diabetes, help reduce weight, and effectively decrease anxiety and depression.


I encourage my patients and clients to explore the benefits of CBD. There is no incentive for drug companies to advertise these products since there is no ‘mark-up’ big Pharma can attach to cannabinoids. The fact is, CBD is helping people naturally. My hope is that you not only experience the healing powers of cannabinoids but that you will join me on my mission to tell more people about it.  


What is CBD?


Cannabidiol is one of more than 80 beneficial components in cannabis. It has no THC and therefore it is not psychotropic and does NOT make you high. It is legal in all 50 states. It has proven to be a healthy alternative to medications for many conditions. It is considered a supplement and therefore cannot be advertised as a “treatment”.


Conditions that CBD may help


The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and many other researchers have found CBD has the following beneficial properties:


  • Antioxidant: combats oxidative stress.

  • Anti-inflammatory: decreases inflammation.

  • Anti-tumoral, Anti-cancer: combats tumor, cancer cell growth.

  • Anxiolytic, Antidepressant: combats anxiety and depression, and PTSD.

  • Antiemetic: reduces nausea and vomiting.

  • Anticonvulsant: suppresses seizure activity.

  • Antipsychotic: combats psychosis.

  • Anti-addictive: helps people decrease use of tobacco, alcohol, and narcotic pain medication

  • Neuroprotective: protects the brain and combats damage leading to dementia, Parkinson's disease and other neurologic conditions.

  • Diabetes/Weight Loss: suppresses appetite, changing white fat to ‘brown’ (metabolically active) fat, and decreasing insulin resistance.


Health Coaching is Entirely FREE using CBD from My Suppliers


If you sign up to use CBD products with either of my companies I will provide you with Health Coaching at a 50% reduction in cost. This is because I am convinced that CBD will increase your responsiveness to coaching.

Ordering CBD

However, you don't have to be registered with me to try our CBD Product. Just go to the website noted below. In addition, if you would like to join my team to spread the news about CBD just go to the bottom of the page and click on "Join My Team". I can advise you in the correct usage of this supplement.

One question everyone has is "how much is enough?". The fact is that we all produce our own cannabinoids. The CBD Oil allows your own chemical to enter your cells. Therefore, everyone is different! Our philosophy is to start low and go slow! Start with one or two drops a couple of times a day and see how you feel. I often encourage my patients to start with the 500mg sublingual drops. Progressively increase until you have the desired effect - we call this titrating your dose. Please contact me with questions.

I actually have two companies that I work with which have different kinds of products. This gives me, and my patients, flexibility in dosing.


One Medication Interaction Caveat!

If you are taking any medication that has a warning about 'grapefruit juice' you need to know that CBD products have a similar warning! Either check with me or you primary care provider to make sure it's safe for you to use CBD products.


Why Use?

Whenever you use online products you need to be cautious. A recent study in November 2017 noted that 70% of online CBD products are mislabeled by unscrupulous sellers! Always ensure that there is third party confirmation of what CBD product you are actually getting. This is what CBD from my distributors provides!


                         Marcel O. Bonn-Miller, Mallory J. E. Loflin, Brian F. Thomas, Jahan P. Marcu, Travis Hyke, Ryan Vandrey. Labeling Accuracy of                                       Cannabidiol Extracts Sold Online. JAMA, 2017; 318 (17): 1708 DOI: 10.1001/jama.2017.11909

What makes my CBD Products Different?

  • Full spectrum CBD oil

  • Whole Plant Extraction

  • 100% hemp product

  • Domestically grown and processed

  • Organically grown

  • 3rd party tested