My Philosophy

When searching for someone to be your life/health/pastoral coach it is very important to understand who they are and what is their approach to helping. I have multiple certifications and degrees in counseling, coaching, and helping but my approach is more eclectic. I can assure you that my goal will always to place you first. You are the one who understands your life. I am convinced that you already know what you need to do in order to grow. My role is to help you discover the you were are meant to become! 

I also believe that there are great supplements that can be quite helpful for your health. There are so many supplements out there! Which one is right for me is a question I hear often. Tumeric, Astragulus, Vitamin D, CoQ10, as well as the much maligned cannabidiol (CBD) are all incredible. But any supplement should be taken for a specific purpose. I can help you sort out the maze of health supplements out there!

I've included further discussion to explain my nutritional approach, why I recommend  CBD oil,  description of mindfulness, the concept of "Wheel of Life", and what I mean by Spirituality. I look forward to hearing from you!